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Doulas And Other Professionals


Overnight doula and Placenta encapsulation

Juli Anderson

Open Heart Midwifery


I am an overnight doula with over a decade of experience.

Learn more about Juli by visiting her website.

Phone - 310-592-5591


Serving the Pioneer Valley.


Birth Doula / Placenta Specialist /

Lactation specialist / Childbirth educator

Monadnock Perinatal

Monadnock Perinatal offers services as a birth doula, placenta specialist, lactation professional and childbirth educator to all expecting families.

Learn more about Ashley by visiting her website. 


Email -

Socials - Facebook/Instagram/TicTok - #monadnockperiantal

Serving NH - Cheshire County, Parts of Hillsborough, Sullivan and Merrimack County, MA - Franklin and parts of Hampshire, VT - Windham County


Birth & Postpartum Doula / Peer Lactation Counselor

Kayla Brookins

Sacred Openings, LLC

Kayla provides birth and postpartum doula support to families within a 2 hour radius of Guilford, VT. She holds non-judgemental, loving space for clients to move through these times of intense transition.

Learn more about Kayla by visiting her website. 


Phone- 215-279-2558

Serving 2hr radius from Guilford, VT


Certified Birth Doula / Student Midwife

Elissa Carney

Your Birth Coven

I empower my clients to make informed decisions about their births in whatever way is true and right for them. I aim to ensure they feel confident and prepared as they enter the birthing space. With a clear understanding of their options and the skills to advocate for their choices, my clients can approach this transformative experience with a greater sense of ease

Learn more about Elissa by visiting her website



Serving Western MA and surrounding areas


Birth Doula/ Postpartum Doula

Amanda Cooke

Serene Doula Services


As a doula, I provide calm and empathetic care alongside unbiased information to help empower families in their decision making!

Learn more about Amanda by emailing her.

or find her on Instagram @serene_doula_servicesAC 

Serving Franklin County, Southern Vermont, Hampshire County.


Birth & Postpartum Doula  / Licensed Massage Therapist /

Childbirth Educator / Night Nanny

Axis Dade (they/them)


Axis has been a birth and postpartum doula for the past 10 years. They offer birth packages that include prenatal visits, childbirth education and birth & postpartum support.

Learn more about Janel by visiting their website.

Serving Southern Vermont & Western Massachusetts


Holistic Birth Doula

Taylor DeMur

 Mossy Moon Holistic Doula


Founded on four elements: Ritual, Ceremony, Wild, & Home

Behind the name

Green Moss Agate- Supports Birth, Seen as a stone of new beginnings, Physical energy for labor, Confidence for your birthing process, Helps break through fears of birth, Eases pain, Good vibes for positive birthing experience, Increases hope, optimism and self esteem, Pulls that power you've got in your soul to bring life earth side!

Moonstone- Supports Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth, Stone of fertility, Feminine energy, New beginnings, Natural hormone regulator, Aids in conception, Supports fertility, Soothes morning sickness and fatigue, Soothing energy to combat fear, stress and tension.

Learn more about Taylor by visiting her Instagram, or send a form 


Certified Birth Doula

Sari Fein (she/her)

Rachamah Doula Services


As a DONA-trained birth doula, I provide physical and emotional support and education to birthing people during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. It is my deeply held belief that there is no right or wrong way to bring a child into the world. My goal is to help you have a birth experience in which you feel listened to, supported, and empowered. I support all births, including births with an epidural, unmedicated births, and Caesarean births; whether in a hospital, birth center, or at home. I affirm all LGBTQIA+ families, am trauma informed, and am actively working to become anti-racist.

Why Rachamah? In Hebrew, “rachamah” (pronounced ra-ḤA-ma) is the feminine form of the word “rehem,” which means “womb.” This term is also often used as a verb meaning “to show compassion,” which is a guiding principle of my work as a doula.

Learn more about Sari by visiting her website.

Instagram- @sarifeindoula

Serving areas within 1 hour of Northampton, MA


Full Spectrum Doula

Angie Gonzalez (She/They)

Loulas’ Doula 


I am a certified Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula with experience in bereavement and sibling care. I provide prenatal, birth and postpartum support as well as extended postpartum and family care services. I can also provide placenta encapsulation and keepsakes. While I am not yet a mother myself, I am a proud aunt of many, natural doula, and caretaker with years of hands on experience. My primary goal is to empower and instill confidence in birthing individuals and families from all walks of life. I firmly believe in your innate knowledge of what's best for you, guiding my approach to follow your lead. I offer gentle reminders and encouragement to trust in yourself, along with providing education, referrals, and hands-on assistance where needed. Whether your journey through birth and parenthood feels effortless or presents challenges, together, we'll navigate and triumph through it!

Learn more about Angie by contacting her.

Phone - 860-485-3219



Serving up to a two hours radius from North Adams MA.



Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Alice Glass

Between Earth and Moon

Alice Glass is an LMT with almost two decades of experience. She is a full spectrum size- inclusive doula (birth, postpartum, abortion, pregnancy loss, and death support services all available), officiant, and more!

Learn more about Alice by visiting her website.

Serving Western MA 


Board Member / Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula / Childbirth Educator

Theanna Hernandez-Tiedemann (she/her)

Connection Birth Doula Services

I offer birth, postpartum, and sibling doula care, belly casting services , as well as group and private childbirth education  to all families. I offer a free 30 minute consultation if you have questions for me or about my services, visit my website for more detailed information on what my services include specifically, pricing, and dates for group childbirth education classes. I would love to chat about how I can be of support to you!

Learn more about Theanna by visiting her website.

Phone Number- 413-588-7616


Serving Western Mass, and up to a 50 mile radius from Easthampton MA.

sophia joff profile .jpeg

Birth and Postpartum Doula 

Sophia Joffe 

Sophia Joffe Doula Care 


I'm a trained birth and postpartum doula in the Pioneer Valley ready to be of service to any birther, mother, and birthing team out there. I will be there to help bring your needs for birth to the forefront and to help you find choices that feel right for you and your family. Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran parent of many, I want to help care for you, comfort you, and be with you during this powerful time in your life.​​

Learn more about Sophia by contacting her.

Phone - (413) 717-9200


Serving the Western and Central Mass, and Southern Vermont.


Postpartum Doula

Michelle Tedesco

Mishka The Doula


Full Spectrum Postpartum Care, Astrology, & Ritual.

Learn more about Michelle by visiting her website.

Phone - 516-330-6931


Instagram- @mishkahthedoula

Serving the Berkshire County.


Community Herbalist / Postpartum Birth Worker / Placenta Encapsulation

Genesis Martinez

Holistic Emergence


Happy to be offering Post Birth support care, these services can include.
-Home cleaning before or after birth, basic home clean or support with deep cleaning, organization, chores, energy clearing.
-Meal Support, help with meal prep or shopping, customized meal options or snack prep.
-Support with Mom care needs, hair care support, bathing, foot baths, personal care.
-Child care of siblings of the baby

As well as Placenta Encapsulation Services, can be a customized package of what you would like between the basics of Placenta print art, cord keepsake, capsules, tincture.

Herbalism- Herbal Nutrition consults available. Check out webpage for more information! 

Se habla Espanol!
Trauma Informed, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent friendly care.


Learn more about Genesis by visiting her website.


Central MA & parts of CT, RI & NY



Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist/Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Courtney Hill (she/her)

Window of Heaven Acupuncture & Yoga Inc.

I support pregnant women through pregnancy and in preparation for birth with herbs, acupuncture and gentle yoga instruction. The majority of my acupuncture practice is devoted to the lifelong postpartum period assisting women in the recovery process after birth to reestablish alignment, strength and stamina. Whether it is three days later or three decades later, it is never too late to heal the ailments that may have come up during pregnancy or birth. Whether it is building pelvic floor strength after birth or helping a woman prepare for a second birth after a challenging first birth; the integration of herbs, movement and acupuncture can be incredibly fast, productive and powerful in the prenatal and postpartum periods.


Learn more about Courtney by visiting her website.

Phone- 413-303-1246

 Serving Western MA & surrounding areas

About Me Photo.jpg

Birth doula / Bereavement doula / Postpartum doula / Childbirth educator

Felisha Foisy

Born to Birth LLC



My name is Felisha and I am the owner of Born to Birth LLC.

Meeting and welcoming you where you are at, and ensuring this is a safe space for you to feel heard & held.

Born to Birth LLC offers services as a birth doula, bereavement/loss doula, postpartum doula and childbirth educator to caregivers and families across Massachusetts and parts of New England.
*Virtual services available for any location.

Learn more about Felisha by visiting her website.


Serving a 2-hour radius from Royalston, MA  (MA, NY, VT, NH, ME)


Ali Pinschmidt, Birth Doula.png

Birth Doula

Ali Pinschmidt, RN, MA, SNM

1° Shift Birthworks

I am a Certified Birth Doula, Registered Nurse, and am also training to be a Certified Nurse Midwife (graduating May 2024). I also bring decades of experience in the social service, education, and social justice fields, and am passionate about birther-centered care and equity. I am open-minded and a sensitive listener and communicator. I also have two young children of my own.

I am an official MassHealth Provider, meaning that anyone with MassHealth can receive my doula services at no cost through their plan. I am also fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19.

I have taken workshops on Spinning Babies and Gilligan's Guide, and can provide support to promote optimal fetal positioning both in pregnancy and in labor. While my work with clients will fall within the scope of doula care, my knowledge of labor and birth, prenatal and postnatal care, and newborn health that I have acquired in my last 4 years of schooling to become a midwife are a valuable asset for my clients.

I aim to be a conscientious support person for birthing people of all backgrounds in a way that feels trusting and respectful. I know that each birthing person (and partner/family) has individual needs that are particular and unique, and I strive to build a trusting relationship so I can understand those needs and know how to best meet them. I prioritize listening to and trusting the client. I look forward to connecting with you!

Fees: $1050-$1500 sliding scale by income
Free for those insured by MassHealth

Learn more about Ali by emailing her.


Serving Western MA.


LeBron_Starr .jpeg

Holistic full spectrum doula

Starrcrystal Marie LeBron

LunarRain Doula Services

I am a Holistic, Full-Spectrum Doula, I have over 12 years of experience with children and infant care. My job is to empower you to trust your own and sticks and empower you to have all knowledge you need to allow you your self to make the best informed decision as possible for when it comes time for you to deliver you have the power confidence, positivity and support. You need to be able to have a sense of ease as you walk into your pregnancy and birthing journey with a clear understanding of all your options and choices. That may be an unmedicated birth, or a medicated birth, with epidural and Pitocin, a cesarean birth. Whether that’s a hospital birth, a home birth, or a birthing center of your choosing. I support all families, no matter what background you and your family come from everyone’s walk of life is different, and there is no wrong or right way to bring a child into this world. My job is to make sure you enter a safe and positive space and it stays like that the whole time to the best of my abilities. Parents are shamed for the choices. They make all too often, but the truth is that there is no one right way, and every pregnancy, every baby every day and night with a newborn is different. I am more interested in learning about you and your family’s needs. I would like to do whatever task, big or small that will bring you a little more ease and joy during this time.

Pregnancy support and preparation care
Birth support

Postpartum support
Healthy, nutritious meals for you and baby
Lactation education and care
Sibling, Doula care
Belly casting
Parental loss and grief care
Childbirth education
Healing and guidance
Trauma informed care for all family members.

Learn more about Starrcrystal by emailing her.

Instagram: @lunaraindoula

Serving Western Ma, Central Ma, and Parts of CT


Certified Birth /  Postpartum Doula

Jessica Ladin

Nourished Mama Birth Doula

Prenatal Support:

Minimum of two visits- around 30 - 36 weeks of pregnancy. Discussion topics include but are not limited to: hopes and fears, partner engagement, preferences for labor and birth, choosing a birth location, comfort techniques for pregnancy and labor,, hypnobirthing, feeding your baby, herbal remedies, postpartum plans, and more!

Labor and Birth

Text, phone, or zoom support in early labor. I will meet you at your birthing location during active labor, and remain with you for the duration of your labor and birth. Photography using your device, if desired. I usually Stay with you for 2-3 hours after birth, to provide assistance as desired. 

Postpartum Services

May include: Lactation support, lactation referral, newborn care, errand running, meal/ snack preparation, baby wearing, baby soothing, support with sibling care, light housekeeping, nursery organization, emotional support, postpartum mental health referral, infant and toddler development information, community referrals, baby gear research, and herbalism. *Postpartum services are non-medical in nature. Support is tailored to meet your needs and visits can vary from just one time for a few hours to several times a week for up to six months.

Meal Preparation

Consultation: Postpartum nutrition services start prior to birth with a consultation to talk about your food preferences and nutritional needs for a healthy postpartum recovery.

Decide on Recipes: I can use yours or you can choose from mine.

Prepare: You or I will pick up the groceries. I will come to your home and either make meals for eating right away or to store in the fridge/ freezer for later. 

Learn more about Jessica by visiting her website.

Serving Western MA and surrounding areas


Certified Postpartum Doula/ Yoga Teacher

LC LeClair (she/her)

Aurora Family Support:


One-on-one Postpartum Doula care, in your home.  Meal prep, housekeeping, breastfeeding support, nursery organization, direct infant care, and more. Ease your transition into parenting this new baby, allowing rest and recovery in the early weeks. Along the way we can talk about tips and techniques to make things easier for the whole family.  Get support in being the parent you want to be! Balancing life and work, creating calm and organization in your home, we can help! In-person or video session to brainstorm solutions for all your parenting needs.  LC has over 2 decades of experience working with children and families. She has been trained at Warm Welcome Birth Services in Northampton, MA, and by the founder of Radiant Child Yoga. 

Learn more about LC by visiting her website.


Serving Western MA and Northwest CT


Birth Doula In Training 

Izzy Rose Lederman (They/Them)

Izzy is dedicated to supporting birthers in having the birth experience they want and need- whatever that looks like. They are dedicated to people in birthing bodies to feel as supported as they can throughout the challenging sensations and emotions of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. As a queer, trans, and non-binary birth doula, Izzy plans to provide a loving support to all different styles of families- their hope is to act as a guardian of embodiment for birthers and their supporters so that the birth space can be one of safety, coziness, and empowerment. 

Learn more about Izzy by visiting their website.

Hamden, Hampshire, & Franklin Counties


Birth Doula and Student Midwife

Carole Renard

I am a birth doula and student home birth midwife with experience in herbalism for women's health, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As a birth worker, I am passionate about informed consent, body sovereignty, and the right of birthing people and families to have access to compassionate care in which they feel seen, heard, safe, and empowered as they enter into this profoundly transformative experience. I am here to support you in caring for and connecting to your body in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum; exploring your own relationship to birth; and making informed choices and advocating for yourself. I approach birth as a natural physiological event, and one that is unique to every person; this is your birth, your body, and your baby, and I believe strongly in holding space for you and your family to experience this sacred time in the most meaningful and easeful way possible.

Learn more about Carole by emailing her


Serving Western MA and surrounding areas


IBCLC/Childbirth Educator

Lo Nigrosh (she/her)

Quabbin Birth Services

Lo Nigrosh works with anyone feeding a baby to help them really good about how feeding ends up happening for them. With so many barriers to feeding human milk to human babies, Lo helps each family to take each next right step in their baby feeding journey so they can have more joy and less anxiety associated with baby feeding.

Learn more about Lo by visiting her website.

Phone Number- 413-230-7516

Instagram- lonigrosh_ibclc_podcast_host

Serving Central and Western, Ma; Southern VT and NH


Fertility & Birth Doula/Fertility Awareness & Sexual Reproductive Health Educator

Jesse Muzzy (she/her)

Free Body Fertility

Cycle Charting & Fertility Awareness Education- learn how to chart your menstrual cycles for optimal health, hormone-free contraception, and/or fertility & preconception support.


Preconception Planning- Perfect for individuals or couples who are either actively trying to conceive and looking for support, or planning to start trying in the near future and seeking guidance as to how to support optimal fertility for both partners, and create space in your life & relationship to call in your future child.   


Birth Doula- As your birth doula, I will meet with you twice before your due date to help create your birth preferences plan, and discuss various ways to prepare for your labor & birth so you enter into labor feeling calm, strong, confident, and supported! During labor, I will be with you to help ease discomfort & pain, support you in achieving your preferences as much as possible, and guide your partner, if present, in supporting you as best as they can. Once baby is born, I will visit with you within the first two weeks to help aide in basic sleep & nursing techniques, healing after birth, and providing any support you need in your home.

Learn more about Jesse by visiting her website.

Within 60 miles of Northampton MA


Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Jean Potter (she/her)

Wildlight Doula Services

I have been a birth doula for over a decade and have supported more than 200 births in the valley. As a doula I proudly support parents of all genders, families of all configurations, and all cultural and religious backgrounds. I come to each growing family with an open mind and curiosity about your life experience and how it impacts your hopes, fears, and expectations for your birth. I provide the framework for safe and open communication and trust that you will find the path that is right for you. My role is to be a trusted, steady guide as you prepare to meet your baby.

I provide compassionate, individualized care to all parents. If you would like to learn more about how I have supported families through VBAC, unmedicated birth, epidural supported labor, surrogacy, hypnosis for birth, vaginal and cesarean births of twins, parenting after loss or infertility, or a vision for birth that is similar to your own, be in touch to schedule an interview. I look forward to the opportunity to connect with your family!

Birth Doula Care $1800


Postpartum Doula Care & Overnight Care- contact me for rates and availability 

Learn more about Jean by visiting her website.

Phone Number: 312-952-2691
Instagram: @wildlightdoula

Serving Greenfield, Northampton, Florence, Springfield, occasionally Brattleboro and the Berkshires


Birth doula / Student Midwife

Carole Renard

[Text about services offered here]

Learn more about Carole by emailing her.

Serving Western Massachusetts


Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, 

Prenatal Certified E-RYT

Erin Schifferli, MS, RDN

Holistic Wellbeing

With a combination of skills, experiences, and compassionate communication, Erin offers intentional education and informed support for families during the birth year and beyond. In-person and virtual support available.

Birth Education & Preparation Sessions
Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula Services
Mindful Birth and Beyond Education and Support
Mindful Parenting Education and Support
Pregnancy Yoga - Prenatal, Postpartum & Parent / Child
Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Lactation Nutrition Education
Breathing, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Learn more about Erin by visiting her website.

Phone- 716.868.8443

Serving Western MA. 


Certified Birth / Lactation Counselor (CLC)

Isabel Rose Stomberg-Jackson (she/her)

Berkshire Beginnings Birth Doula

My name is Isabel Stomberg Jackson. I'm a birth doula and lactation counselor serving Berkshire County and surrounding areas. I offer birth doula services starting with prenatal visits and including a postpartum visit or two. I am also a lactation counselor with Berkshire Nursing Families and can help clients with lactation needs through BNF and personally. I offer inclusive practice and do not discriminate based on gender, sex, religion, race, ethnicity, etc. I offer sliding scale payments to low income families and payment plans to all. I'm always happy and eager to chat with new and perspective clients!

Learn more about Isabel by emailing her.

​Phone Numer: 413-884-2934


Facebook: Berkshire Beginnings Birth Doula

Serving Berkshire, Southern VT, and surrounding areas


Board Member/ Certified Birth Doula / Hypnobabies®️ Certified doula / 

Spinning Babies®️ Certified Parent Educator

Jaq Tuttle

Yellow Rose Birth Services

I offer compassionate, evdidence-based birth & postpartum doula care for families of all constellations across the Pioneer Valley and beyond. I also provide overnight doula care for newborn families.

In addition, I also teach Spinning Babies®️ Parent Class one Sunday each month at Baystate Franklin. Anyone who is beyond 16 weeks gestation is welcome to join! I also run the YRBS Baby Station at local fairs, which is a *free* semi-private space for families to feed and change their babies. I love connecting with folks and holding space for their experiences.

Learn more about Jaq by visiting her website. 

Phone number - 413-552-6069
My email -
Instagram - @yellow_rose_births

Serving Deerfield, Greenfield, Franklin County, Hampshire County, Hampden County, Berkshire County, Brattleboro, and Keene 


Postpartum Doula

Taylor Wadsworth (they/them)

Wadsworth Birther and Family Care

Postpartum Doula Care, Lactation (chest/breast feeding) Support, and More

Learn more about Taylor by visiting her website.


Serving Western MA (Pioneer Valley - Hilltowns)


Certified Birth  Doula / Licensed Massage Therapist / Personal Trainer

Shannon L Wade, (she/her)

Holistic Health Strategies and Doula Support

I am available to offer doula support during pregnancy and labor. Additionally, I offer bodywork and movement education/training for all bodies, in all times with specific training in the prenatal, postpartum and peri to post menopause periods.

Learn more about Shannon by visiting her website.

Serving Hampshire, Franklin, Hampden and Berkshire Counties


Certified Birth / Postpartum Doula


Doula Odessa & Birth Services

Hello! My name is Odessa Bates, owner of Doula Odessa & Birth Services. I’m based in Western Massachusetts and have been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years. I’m a Certified Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, Evidence Based Birth Professional, Empty Arms Bereavement Professional, LGBTQ ally, Trauma informed, culturally informed, Substance Use informed, and a former counselor with a master’s degree in Women’s Studies.


I am trained and educated in a wide range of topics surrounding prenatal, birth, and postpartum experiences.  My goal as your doula in this magical time is to support you and your family to have an experience that is uplifting, empowering, and joyful. Fully Vaccinated and Boosted. Virtual services available for any location.

Learn more about Odessa by visiting her website,

Instagram - @doulaodessa

Facebook -

Serving a 1.5 hour radius from Pittsfield, MA 01230 (MA, NY, VT, CT)


Birth & Postpartum Doula

Isabel Bishop

I am a birth and postpartum doula, currently only doing overnight postpartum and newborn care. I have been working as a doula for one year, and have over 12 years of experience with child and infant care!


My job is to empower you to trust your own instincts! I believe that too often parents are shamed for the choices they make during the childbearing year, but the truth is that no way is the best way, and every pregnancy, every baby, every night with a newborn is different. I am much more interested in learning about you and your needs than coming in with some notion of expertise! I can offer tender companionship, as well as guidance on healing, juggling responsibilities, and baby care. But when I come into your home, my assumption is that you are the expert on this family, not me. Whether it’s cleaning a toilet, giving you a foot rub, or dialing the number for your doctor or lactation specialist, as a doula I want to do whatever task, small or large, that will bring you a little more ease and joy during this time!


Learn more about Isabel by emailing her

Serving areas in Western MA

logo final copy.jpg

Birth, postpartum & full-spectrum doula
Spanish & English support

Doula de parto, posparto y de espectro completo
Apoyo en español & inglés

Lucila Carballo (she/her/ella)

My goal as a doula is to honor the desires, cultural practices, and identity expressions of each person I work with. I support people during pregnancy, through all possible outcomes of pregnancy, and in the months that follow. I’m also a photographer and filmmaker, who can produce intimate portraits of your experience. Some of the care options I offer are:
- Information grounded in research
- Planning & organizing
- Non-judgmental hearing
- Rituals (e.g., altar making, placenta burial)
- Comfort techniques (e.g., movement, meditation)
- Photography & film (35mm, super 8, digital)
- Resources & community connections
- English-Spanish communication and translation

** I offer Latinx people FREE doula support in exchange for participating in my Ph.D. research. Participation is confidential. Feel free to reach out with questions!**
Mi filosofía de doula honra los deseos, las prácticas culturales y las expresiones identitarias de cada persona con la que trabajo. Como doula de espectro completo, estoy capacitada para apoyarte durante el embarazo, el parto o cualquier otro resultado del embarazo, y en los meses siguientes. También soy fotógrafa y cineasta y puedo hacer retratos íntimos de tu experiencia. Algunos de los servicios que ofrezco son:
- Información basada en evidencia
- Planificación y organización
- Escucha sin prejuicios
- Rituales (ej., construcción de altares, entierro de la placenta)
- Técnicas de confort (ej., movimiento, relajación)
- Fotografía y video (35mm, super 8, digital)
- Recursos y conexiones comunitarias
- Comunicación y traducción inglés-español.

** Ofrezco apoyo de doula GRATUITO a personas latinas a cambio de participar en mi tesis doctoral. La participación es confidencial. No dude en comunicarse si tiene preguntas!**

Learn more about Lucila by emailing her.

Phone - (415) 794-051


Serving Northampton, Greenfield, Holyoke, Springfield, and more! - y más! 


Birth & Postpartum Doula/ Herbalist

Jenna Carter

Monadnock Doula


I offer holistic support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My style of care is greatly influenced by my studies in somatics, dance movement therapy, and herbalism. I focus on nourishing the body and spirit through individualized care, healing food, and ceremony. My goal is for families to feel prepared, informed, held, and surrounded by love and respect as they travel through this monumental life transition.

Pregnancy support & preparation
Birth support
Postpartum support
Nourishing meals
Bengkung belly binding
Pelvic steaming
Mothers blessing ceremony
Closing the bones ceremony

Learn more about Jenna by visiting her website


Monadnock Region, Southern NH


President & Board Member / Certified Full Spectrum Doula / Sexual & Reproductive Health Mentor /

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


I am proudly the current President & a Board Member of Green River Doula Network. I'm also a parent to two beautiful children. I love to keep a high energy, positive outlook on life which I enjoy bringing into the relationships I build with my clients. I have been around pregnancy, birth, babies, reproductive & sexual health education my whole life, so this path just feels so natural to me & I truly feel at home in my role as a Full Spectrum Doula & Sexual Reproductive Health Mentor. Education & Advocacy is very important to me when it comes to your Reproductive & Sexual health & is an integrative part of my services. I support all birth plans, pregnancy outcomes & welcome all people.

My current offerings are: Placenta Encapsulation & Keepsakes, One on One Birth Wishing Sessions, Sexual & Reproductive Health Mentoring, & Breastmilk Jewelry Keepsakes.

Learn more about Kayla by visiting her website.

Email -
Phone Number - 413-693-3703
Instagram -  @wombanswellness

Serving areas within 45 Minutes of Chicopee, MA


Pelvic Steam Practitioner / Postpartum Navigator

Julia Demillones Moore

Moon Beam Steams 


Julia is a certified pelvic steam practitioner and Peristeam Hydrotherapist intern with the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. She offers One on one support for vaginal/pelvic steaming for for Conception, Labor preparation, and Postpartum healing (and more)
and postpartum planning sessions as a
Build Your Nest Postpartum Navigator-plan your postpartum before baby arrives.

Learn more about Julia by visiting her website.

Phone - 413-216-0420



Board Member / Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula / Licensed Women's Health Nurse Practitioner /

Certified Clinical Lactationist 

Nicole DaCampo, RN, WHNP, 

Restore Health and Wellness LLC & Empowered Women’s Wellness 

Nicole offers holistic medical professional services addressing hormone health, sexual/reproductive health, wellness, fertility and a range of other medical assessment, consultations & treatment options
Telehealth option available. Birth and postpartum doula support. Lactation support and education. Birth planning sessions

Learn more about Nicole by visiting her websites:

Restore Health NP  & Empowered Women's Wellness

Email- &

Serving a 45 minute radius from Wilbraham, MA

Medical practice located in East Longmeadow, MA


Certified Whole Woman Practitioner

Ruth Ever

Connected Root Coaching

Whole Woman Practitioner

If you have experienced bladder leaks, urgency issues, or have heaviness, bulging, or discomfort around your vagina, Ruth can help! Non-invasive, research-based, Whole Woman techniques through virtual classes, workshops with a Feldenkrais and EFT practitioner, and private sessions are available. 


Learn more about Ruth by visiting her website.

Virtual & Western MA areas


Board Member / Birth, Postpartum, Abortion Doula / Licensed Massage Therapist/ Fertility Awareness Educator

Martha Hoffman (they/she)

Martha offers compassionate and consensual support for people in all phases of the fertility journey. Whether teaching you how to track fertility signs of the menstrual cycle, offering rejuvenating prenatal and postpartum massage, encouraging and witnessing you during your labor, cooking nutritious postpartum meals for you and your family, and more, Martha holds a clear and calm container that centers your unique story.

Cycle Tracking session: $40/hr (virtual or in-person)
Prenatal Massage: $80/hr
Birth doula support: $1200
Postpartum support: $25/hr
Abortion support: $0-300 sliding scale

Learn more about Martha by visiting their website.

Serving the Connecticut River Valley region


Birth Doula

Holland Silva

Reproductive Access and Direct Service Collective


I am a recently trained birth doula offering services in Western Mass. I believe in bodily autonomy and the right to a pleasurable and empowering birth experience. I am proud to be supportive of all family structures and gender identities in birth. I am offering my first few births on a volunteer basis as I work towards certification .

Learn more about Holland by emailing them.

Serving Northampton, Amherst, Greenfield, an immediate surrounding areas.


Certified Birth Doula/Childbirth educator

Sarah Jessica D’Amato

Artemis Birth Services

I provide 3 to 4 prenatal visits as well as birthing coaching, as well as helping you and your partner with going through the child birthing process.

Learn more about Sarah by emailing her,

Phone- 413-348-7537

Serving Hampshire and Hampden counties


CPM Midwife/ Birth Doula

Anna Maunz

Birth Roots


Hi there! 
My name is Anna Maunz.  I have been doing birth work for over ten years and became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2022. 
I have walked with over 180 families on their pregnancy/ birthing journeys.  

I believe most strongly in choice and empowered decision making - important individualized care for every family I serve.   

As a trained Midwife I have skills in massage, homeopathy, herbs, breastfeeding consultation, in depth information on tests and procedures, and a gentle guiding hand throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Learn more about Anna by visiting her website.


Serving the Western Massachusetts.


Certified Birth Doula

Juanita Lorraine Gran

Helpful Hands Birth Doula services

I offer birth and post partum doula services.

Learn more about Juanita by visiting her Facebook.


Phone number- 413-221-7543

Serving Springfield

Ashlynn Smith profile photo .jpeg

Postpartum Doula 

Ashlynn Smith

Nurtured Blossoms Doula Care 

Hi my name is Ashlynn and I am the owner of Nurtured Blossoms Doula Care. I have 10 years of experience working with children and families across the lifespan. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and I completed my postpartum doula training with DONA.

We say "it takes a village to raise a child" and my goal as a postpartum doula is to bring a sense of a village to families by proving quality support. I serve Western Massachusetts and Connecticut areas. I provide the following support:

Daytime Support - Consists of usually a mix of focusing on mom and baby and walking alongside you during your day. Daytime support can look different for each family and each day. My role as a postpartum doula can entail allowing mom and dad to spend some time resting, helping with breastfeeding such as educating on what a good latch looks like, feeding positions, and referrals if needed, education and help with newborn care such as diapering, feeding, swaddling, and soothing, providing emotional support and guidance on this new journey, processing your birth story, and helping with light household chores such as dishes, laundry, sweeping.

Overnight Support - The goal of overnight support is to help you as parents get rest while knowing your precious little one is in safe hands. This doesn't mean you won't hear baby cry at times, because every newborn wakes pretty frequently, but you can rest assured knowing someone is attentively comforting and taking care of your baby's needs. If you are bottle feeding then the postpartum doula would feed baby a bottle, change baby's diaper, and get them back to sleep. If you need to pump then we can wake you to pump and wash the pump parts so they are ready to go for the next pumping session. If you are breastfeeding then we will bring baby to you to nurse and take baby when they are finished nursing and get them back to sleep while you stay in bed and rest.

Meal Prep Services - The goal of meal prep is for me to focus solely on cooking you nourishing foods for you and your family to enjoy. So you can focus on more important things such as resting and caring and bonding with your little one or older siblings. So you have one less thing to worry about.

Learn more about Ashlynn by visiting her website.

Phone - 210-367-8696



Serving the Western Massachusetts, and Connecticut. 


Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula / Midwife

Craniosacral Therapist / Community Herbalist

Jess Groneman, CPM, BCST (she/her)

Tender Courage Birth and Wellness

As a home birth midwife and birth and postpartum doula for over 24 years, I've been incredibly blessed to help hundreds of families make this transition to new parenthood. I've supported families (and births) of all kinds as they define, and then re-define, what this path means for them. This is *your* journey. I simply serve as a facilitator; a 'mirror' reflecting your own way through.

I offer my skills as a bodyworker and Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), as well as 30 years experience growing, using, consulting and teaching about plant medicine.

I accept MassHealth coverage for birth and postpartum services.

Learn more about Jess by visiting her website.

Phone number: 413-362-9177
Instagram: tender_courage

Serving Pioneer Valley, Southern Vermont and New Hampshire


Full Spectrum Doula

Emma Howard

Solstice Doula Care


Emma is a Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Trained Abortion Doula, Pregnancy Loss Doula, End of Life Doula & Nanny at Solstice Doula Care which was est. in 2015. She has a B.A. in Communication with a Minor in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from UMass Amherst, and a Master's in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School with a focus on wildlife conservation, ecological respect, sustainability, animal welfare and helping family farms maintain their autonomy from large corporations, and is a 200hr Yoga Teacher in Training at Yoga San Kalpa Teaching School.


An environmentalist & nature enthusiast, having provided support to birthing persons for over eight years, helping others to connect to their own wild nature, the earth, and find comfort and empowerment in themselves has been at the heart of her career. She is not exclusive to one kind of birth, and has a very open mind and heart to many situations.

Email -

Serving Western MA 


Full Spectrum Doula/ Yoga Instructor 

Breathe to Empower: Mindful Yoga, Empowered Birth


As a yoga teacher since 2010, I have specialized in prenatal and postnatal yoga since 2013, and I use my yoga practice to help inform and empower birth and postpartum clients to connect with their bodies on a physical, spiritual and energetic level. The breathing aspects of yoga are a wonderful complement to the challenges of labor and postpartum. You do not have to be a yogi to work with me as your doula, but the option is there should you choose it! I also teach a childbirth education class that I put together over the course of my work, that will include a daily yoga practice to support your changing body.

Learn more about Sarah by visiting her website.


Serving Western MA & Boston MA


Birth doula

Grace Nowakoski

Held Doula Services 

Nurturing, encouraging, compassionate care for expectant and parenting families through pregnancy, during labor and birth, and in the early postpartum period.

Learn more about Grace by visiting her website.

Phone - 203-233-9114


Serving the Pioneer Valley (south to Springfield), the near hilltowns, southeastern Vermont, and southwestern NH.


Birth Doula

Liza Styles

I provide support for expectant parents through their pregnancy journey. I offer comprehensive prenatal care, labor and delivery support, and postpartum assistance. I view my role as a tour guide through pregnancy and birth, and I am here to support any decisions or preferences you have- this is your body and your baby. I want my birthers to feel empowered and confident throughout their birthing experience.

While I complete the three births for my certification, I will be providing my services on a volunteer basis. This will encompass at least two prenatal visits, continuous support during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum, and at least one postpartum visit. 

Learn more about Liza by visiting her website.

Phone - 413-262-0858


Within One Hour of Northampton, MA


Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Erika Laquer

Better Beginnings Birth Services

I have been working with parents-to-be as a birth doula since 2006. I am also a certified childbirth educator, postpartum doula, and trained home birth midwife. As my clients, you get more experience and education when you hire me than you would from a typical doula. My extra knowledge and experience are particularly valuable for clients with special concerns about their pregnancies. For them, I offer the extra time and support wanted and needed. I am by your side in labor and birth to give continuous emotional and physical support. 

Learn more about Erika by visiting her website.

Serving Pioneer Valley & Hilltowns


Seven Sisters Midwifery

Ginny Miller

Seven Sisters Midwifery and Community Birth Center

Full range Midwifery, OB/GYN services.

Learn more about Ginny and Seven Sisters by visiting their website.

 Serving Western MA


Midwife/Birth & Postpartum Doula

Michelle L'Esperance (she/her/Mx.)

Warm Welcome Birth Services

I became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2005. I provide expert doula care for beautiful families of every configuration and every variety of birth plan. It's your body, your baby, your birth- and my goal is to help you prepare for and have a positive experience according to your own values and dreams. Option of birth hypnosis support.

Pricing- Birth Doula $2600, hourly pp $60

Learn more about Michelle by visiting her website.

Phone413 858 5048; During Business Hours only-

text is best for first contact.

Instagram- WarmWelcomeBirth

Serving areas within about an hour of Northampton, MA.

emily profile pic.jpeg

Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver

Emily Vallejo


Motherhood Magic

I offer Postpartum Care based on the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine. I have virtual or in person offerings available to include postpartum planning, meal prep, herbal preparations and Ayurvedic Therapies. Therapies include Abhyanga (warm oil massage), Marma therapy, and lymph support. I can also teach Infant Massage and self-massage and offer spiritual support through ceremonies. My mission is to nurture and hold space for Postpartum mommas so they can focus on resting and bonding with their babies.

Learn more about Emily by visiting her website.

Phone - 518-651-0704



Serving Western and Central Mass.


Certified Birth Doula 

Julie M Ogg (she/her)

I offer support to Teen Parents, Single Parents, LGBTQ+ Families.

I also offer Meal Preparation, Photography during labor, birth or after delivery (depending upon your level of comfort and timeliness of circumstance), massage, aromatherapy, music, guided breathing.

Support during: medicated/unmedicated Birth, VBAC, Waterbirth, Home birth (with support of physician or midwife present).

Q & A throughout pregnancy via text or calls

Available 24/7 beginning at 37 weeks

Undivided attention from active labor until 2 hours postpartum

1 postnatal visit for roughly 2 hours to see how you are doing, and answer any questions.


Learn more about Julie by emailing her.

Phone- 413-297-4339

Serving Western Massachusetts


Volunteer Birth & Postpartum Doula 

Tyra Redwood (she/her)

Tyra requires 2-3 virtual or in person visits before birth.

Assistance getting into various positions during various laboring stages and whatever other assistance you may need during birth and afterwards!

$50 per hour postpartum visits; I am unable to do overnight postpartum care

As a novice birth doula, my services are volunteer based.

Learn more about Tyra by emailing her.

Phone Number- 732-962-5837
Instagram- @tyra_the_turtle

Serving Hampshire County MA


Postpartum Doula

Jessi Ryan (She/Her/Hers)

I offer postpartum support to new families in the first 12 weeks, as well as postpartum planning prior to baby coming into home.

Learn more about Jessi by emailing her

Phone Number- 920-655-3083

Western MA, Northern CT, Greater Springfield


Birth and Postpartum Doula

Alie Schonbek (she/her)

Alie the Doula

Alie has been drawn to birth for as long as she can remember. She was the little girl who was fascinated with pregnancy and babies, and always knew deep down that there was an unmistakable pull on her heart towards birth work. It was a winding path, but becoming a doula in 2023 felt to her like coming home - despite the twists and turns along the way, it was an “of course” moment in her story.


Alie’s approach to birth is built on that same wonder and awe that she felt as a child. She believes that with the right support, pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be empowering, positive experiences (not just something you have to get through to have your baby!), and she loves to witness the moments when parents realize just how strong they are. She is passionate about trauma-informed care and evidence-based decision making. Her goals as a doula are to build a strong bond with her families, learn their stories and values, and support their transitions with compassion and steadiness.

Learn more about Alie by emailing her.

Phone Number- 413-320-1702

Facebook - @Alie The Doula 



Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula/ Childbirth Educator

Juniper Talbot

The Birthing Tree

I offer comprehensive birth doula and postpartum doula services. I also offer private in-home childbirth preparation classes. I am a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula, serving since 1998, and an ALACE certified childbirth educator serving since 2005.

Learn more about Juniper by emailing her.

Serving Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties in Massachusetts.


Certified Birth Doula

Angela Vargas

The Maternity Angel

[Text about services offered here]

Learn more about Angela by emailing her.

Serving Most of Franklin County, Northampton, East Hampton, Hadley


Birth Doula / HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator

Jen Walts (she/her)

Wind and Water Doula Care

Jen offers birth doula care (specializing in unmedicated births, redemptive births, and educational prep), HypnoBirthing® group classes both in-person and virtual, virtual postpartum support, private labor & birth prep sessions, & birth story listening sessions. Jen's core value in this work is to keep your voice at the center of the experience.

Learn more about Jen by visiting the following:

Serving Western Ma (within an hour of West Springfield)


Certified Postpartum Doula

Lindsey King Wilby

I offer emotional support, snack and meal prep/delivery, light housekeeping, sibling adjustment, newborn education, sleep, community resources, etc. etc.! When you bring a baby home, you need to be held too!

Learn more about Lindsey by emailing her.

Phone Number- 413-355-6169

Serving Western MA and a little beyond! 

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