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Doula Stipend Program

The doula stipend program offers free doula services to low-income families who may not have sufficient funds to hire one. It's goal is to provide equal access to high-quality doula care regardless of ability to pay. 

Support we offer:

  •  Birth Doula Support 


How the program works:

  •  Apply to the program

  • Get approved to receive free doula services*

  • Review the list of participating GRDN doulas

  • Pick your doula

Who qualifies for a free doula?

Anyone who qualifes for WIC or other forms of assistance can apply for the Doula Stipend Program 

About the participating doulas:

As long as they adhere to the following terms, any doula who is a part of the Green River Doula Network can take part in this program. In exchange for services, Green River Doula Network will pay them a $1,000 stipend.​


  • Show proof of training

  • Provide a free consultation

  • Offer 2-3 prenatal appointments

  • Make arrangements for back-up doula support

If you are a Western Mass doula interested in taking part in this program,

apply to become a member today!

Apply to the doula stipend program

We will do our best to find you the support you need. If you are interested in accessing a doula through this program please fill out the form below.

Doula Stipend Program Form

*We are a small non-pofit organization and rely on donations to run this program. Therefore, we can only support a certain number of individuals/families per calendar year.

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