Midwifery Care of Holyoke

Contact Info

Ginny Miller, Nina Kleinberg, Mary O'Brien, Rachel Graber, Vanessa Ross, Liza Winston
230 Maple St., Holyoke, Second Floor; Office 501 in Holyoke Medical Center
(413) 535-4700
Western Massachusetts
Midwifery Care of Holyoke

Professional Qualifications

Holyoke Medical Center
  • Full scope midwifery:
    • Pre-conception care
    • Prenatal care
    • Water birth option
    • Nitrous Oxide for labor
    • Postpartum care
    • Homebirth co-care
  • Gynecological care:
    • Annual exams
    • Gyn problems
    • Menopause issues
    • Fertility issues
    • Alternative insemination
  • Bilingual staff
  • Offices in Holyoke and Northampton

We are a long-established practice in the Valley that is committed to a woman's choice of how she will labor and deliver her baby and supporting her in where she chooses to have her baby.

We have one of the lowest Cesarean rates in the state and have been able to keep our epidural and intervention rates down. We now offer Nitrous Oxide. We have water birth options as well.We work with a midwifery-supportive and friendly hospital staff.

Midwifery Care of Holyoke