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Kayla Chatterton


Kayla Chatterton

What I’ll be offering when I come back from Maternity Leave March 2024:

Placenta Encapsulation - This is a process in which the placenta is inspected, cleaned, sliced & steamed. It is then dehydrated, ground into a powder and placed into vegan gelatin capsules for consumption by the person whom the placenta was birthed from. Utilizing your placenta in the postpartum time may aid in: human milk production, hormone & mood stabilization, pain relief, energy enhancement, iron replenishment and possibly more. All Placenta pills will come with a beautiful Placenta print for you to display in your home & an umbilical cord keepsake. This package is available for $350.

Placenta Prints - Beautiful artwork of your placenta, the one of a kind organ that can only be grown during pregnancy, which nourished your baby in the womb & is completely unique to you! Umbilical cord keepsake included. Stand alone service $100 for a custom detailed print.

Body Literacy - One on one session, getting to know your menstrual cycle, ovulation & sexual/reproductive health. Understanding your body to gain better control of your health & wellness through lifestyle changes, tailored to fit your specific needs. How to use a menstrual cup, tracking/charting your cycle, education on how foods, products & environmental factors play into the menstrual cycle, brainstorming questions to take to your doctor, guiding your child through their first period, sexual & reproductive education beyond what you were taught in health class $30 for one hour or $50 for two hours.

One-on-One Birth Wishing Session- Personalized One on One education for your upcoming labor, birth & immediate postpartum. These sessions include a copy of your very own "Birth Wishes" handout, which we will go over in detail during your session to give out to your birth team, ensuring everyone is on the same page. You'll leave with loads of resources to feel confident, educated, ready to advocate for yourself, prepared for your birth & more! These sessions can be done in person or virtually for a fee of $250, sliding scale available.

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